I'm joining the seanwes team as a full-time employee.

##I’m incredibly excited to announce that I’m joining the seanwes team.

Sean McCabe asked me in early 2015 if I was interested in becoming an employee of seanwes. I’ve been editing the seanwes podcast (as a contractor) since August of 2014, and with the addition of the seanwes network (four shows in total now, with a fifth and possibly sixth on the way), there are enough weekly shows on the seanwes network to justify hiring me as a podcast editor.

There aren’t many jobs that meet the criteria I have. As someone who struggles with ADD, I need a job I can do well but also one that challenges me and gives me room to grow and learn new things. I believe that my position at seanwes (still a small, evolving company) will be ideal for me. Admittedly, I have a hard time with long, large projects with lot of small details. One of the reasons I enjoy editing podcasts is that I typically don’t have to spend more than a few hours on each project, and they are always different. My brain needs stimulation and learning opportunities, and podcasts provide that.

I also love working remotely. I never liked the process of commuting. Waking up, getting dressed, driving, being in one place for a set amount of time and then coming home seemed like a waste of time. I don’t like office environments. I prefer to work at home. I prefer to work at coffee shops. I like having the flexibility to go somewhere new when I need a new perspective. Being a touring musician is still a goal of mine, and so I need a job that allows me to work while traveling.

I believe in the work that Sean and the seanwes team are doing. His focus is on creating high quality content that helps people, and selling valuable products at a price that reflects the amount of care and attention that went into them.

Focus on the quality and making the thing great and charge a fair price instead of competing in a race to the bottom for the lowest price, discounting, or selling ads. It’s a philosophy I agree with.

I’ve told people for a long time that I wanted to be a freelancer. Work for myself, set my own hours, be my own boss. It sounds ideal, but I found out that freelancing comes with its own set of challenges. It’s not all magical days full of relaxation and sunshine, it has ups and downs just like any other job.

I’m not writing this to complain or convince you to stick with your day job. Freelancing for the past year has been the most fulfilling work experience I’ve ever had. There’s no better feeling than knowing that your actions and your work directly influences how much money you’ll have in the bank account next month.

As a freelancer, I have direct control over the outcome of my business. If I succeed, I can take all the credit. If I fail, I have no one to blame. The hardest part of accepting Sean’s job offer was giving up that control and that responsibility, but I’ve never met or known someone as capable as Sean.

In my year of freelancing, I learned that there are a lot of small administrative things you have to do that every week that take up time. On a good week, I only billed (got paid) for about 30-50% of the hours I actually worked. The time I spend editing podcasts and writing show notes were only about half of my workload, and (initially) I didn’t charge enough to cover that time. The result was I worked 40-60 hours and only got paid for 20.

I underestimated how much time projects would take (and how much I would have to save for taxes) and I didn’t quote potential clients a high enough price. This was a mistake on my part. I recently raised prices to compensate, and it’s a lesson I’m glad I learned. If I had never tried to make it on my own, I would have never been able to appreciate how hard running a business is, or how many tiny moving parts there are.

Working as a part of the seanwes team will allow me to focus on doing the things I’m great at, and I’ll be able to help the other amazing team members in ways we haven’t even discovered yet. That opportunity for growth is incredibly exciting for me, and I’m ready to dive into this new adventure.

I’ll be working with my current clients to help them find a new editor for their podcast. I have a friend who has experience with editing podcasts that I’ll be recommending and working closely with to make sure that none of my clients are left hanging.

I’m incredibly grateful to all the people who gave me a shot and the time to learn and get good at my craft. Most especially, I want to thank Chris Coyier, Dave Rupert, Josh Long, Cameron Moll, Dan Benjamin, and Sean McCabe. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for you. You have my eternal gratitude, and you are awesome people.

So a new chapter in my life begins. Let’s do this.

– Aaron Dowd, Saturday, June 6, 2015.