How To Hire Remote Workers

I just read a great post from the guys over at about hiring remote workers.

One thing that really stood out to me was the list of traits that remote workers have that help them be successful:

  1. Propensity towards action
  2. Able to prioritize
  3. Proficient written communicator
  4. Trustworthy
  5. Local support system

Being a remote worker (podcast editor), I’ve come to the same conclusion.

I’m always doing things related to work. If I’m not in the middle of a project, I’ll be studying a skill that is related to my general career path. I also understand that it is my job to make sure I know what my responsibilities are. If I don’t know, I ask.

I know how to prioritize. I keep a to-do list in Omnifocus that lets me know exactly what I should be working on everyday. The important stuff goes to the top of the list. If something has a due date, I make a note of it. If I have a meeting or an event, I’ll put something in my calendar with an alert set to go off a day before, with an additional alert set for an hour before.

I’m very good at written communication. I’ve always felt more comfortable typing out messages instead of speaking them. I also don’t mind checking my email throughout the day. It’s just something that comes with being a remote worker. If a client needs to get in touch with me, I’d like to respond quickly if I can.

Trustworthy: also something I strive for. I hate it when someone doesn’t do what they say they will, and I hold myself to that standard. If I don’t want to do something, I will say so. If I can’t do something, I will say so. If I need help, I’ll ask for it. I don’t ever want to give my word to someone and then not follow through.

I think this post will be a great read for anyone interested in working remotely, or anyone that needs to hire a remote team. As internet speeds increase, and the tools get better, more and more companies are going to be hire remote workers. I love working remotely, and I can’t imagine a time where that won’t be true.