Simplecast & IAB Compliance Explained

Essential reading for podcasters: Better Together: Simplecast’s New Analytics + IAB v2.0 Standards

This is the blog post about IAB compliance I’ve needed for a couple years. I never really understood IAB or IAB compliance until now.

From Brad Smith (Simplecast CEO):

As part of the all-new Simplecast, a major passion (while also a major hurdle) was to create one of the most powerful, granular, and accurate open analytics platforms for podcasters. As we’re polishing things up for launch, this is the perfect time to begin sharing the biggest changes and improvements you can expect when your new analytics reports begin rolling out. We’ll start a conversation around the major upsides and the one downside of IAB standards…

If you consider yourself a podcaster, you need to read the full article. It’s just one more example of why I’m proud to be a part of the Simplecast team.