Talking Running, Diet, and Podcasting with Alex Kelerman

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I met Alex Kelerman in the seanwes Community a few months back, when I found out he was starting his very own podcast while also training for an ultra-marathon.

I ran my very first 10k race recently, and I’ve got my sights on runnning more in the future, so I asked Alex to share everything he’s learned about running so far. In exchange, I told him, I would answer any questions he had about podcasting.

This episode has three parts:

  1. Running - 2:29-22:21
  2. Diet - 22:21-31:54
  3. Podcasting - 31:54-59:30

In the first section (running), Alex shares how he got started with running, we disuss our weekly running habits, and talk about the most common mistakes new runners make.

In the second section (diet), we get into a detailed overview of our daily eating habits and how they’ve helped us lose weight and become better runners.

In the third and final section (podcasting), Alex shares his experience with starting and launching his first podcast, and I answer the question, “How do I get more people to listen to my podcast?”


You can follow both Alex and I on Snapchat, he’s alexkelerman, I’m aaroncwa.